Tented Safaris Near Cape Town That Will Blow You Away!


Cape Town is one of the most naturally beautiful cities in the world and thousands of people flock to this most Southern tip of Africa every year to witness its undeniable charm. Nestled between mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town offers anything you could hope to see in Africa. Marvelous beaches, wildlife, great weather and friendly people are just some of things that attract people to its shores. If you have an adventurous streak in you, there are places to be found near Cape Town that are a little more…wild. Ever heard of a tented safari? Well, let’s just say that it’s the closest you can get to nature without pulling out a sleeping back in the Sahara. You can still enjoy a hot meal, fantastic wines, and a personal touch without even leaving your tent.

Tented Safari Camps Near Cape Town

There are of course numerous game farms further to the North of South Africa, but it takes a lot of time and money to travel to them. So why not aim something a little closer? The tented camp at Inverdoorn is one of the very best around and is only a three-hour drive from Cape Town. You will traverse some of the most breathtaking scenery around and it will feel like you have traveled through a number of different countries before reaching your destination at South Africa’s iconic Karoo game reserve. Salty sea air gives way to the lush greenery of some South Africa’s best Winelands and you’re on your way! When you see the Karoo you won’t believe that only a few hours ago you were surrounded by the Atlantic. Inverdoorn is a majestic part of the world with sweeping landscapes punctuated by ancient mesas and of course, the big 5. The big 5 are a huge part of what makes this tented safari experience unique. The camps are well protected but don’t isolate you from your surroundings and you can even feed elephants from your balcony! When you lay your head down at night you will see more stars in the sky than you have in a very long time and the sounds of the lions will sooth and excite your senses at the same time.

Day Time Activities

During the day you will be treated to a safari with a personal touch and the guides are both friendly and knowledgeable. The big 5 are truly a sight to behold and it’s even better when you have someone who can answer all the questions you will have. Rhino, elephants, hippos, lions, giraffes and cheetahs, they’re all here and you will almost certainly see all of them on any given game drive. When you get back to the lodge, you’ll be served a filling lunch and if the weather is as warm as what the Karoo normally dishes up you can enjoy a lazy cocktail by the pool. There is also a cheetah rehabilitation centre where the cats are bred and cared for to ensure the survival of the species. It is highly important work and you can even touch and cuddle the cheetahs if they feel up to it on the day! As well as being able to watch the cheetah run. This is one of the best tented safari experiences so book now!



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