Iziba Safari Lodge and Inverdoorn Game Reserve can be found in the Ceres Karoo, only two and a half hours from Cape Town. Stretching across 10 000 hectares, Inverdoorn is the biggest private wildlife reserve in the region, providing an abundance of wildlife with refuge. The game reserve offers a premier safari encounters including high-end lodging, game drives and unbelievable look into the rescue and rehabilitation of the cheetah!


A  wildlife Sanctuary!

Driving over the well-beaten trail that winds through the reserve, you may encounter numerous wildlife. Making your way to  find a multitude of antelope including eland, kudu, impala, springbok and gemsbok. You are going to be captivated by the distinctive markings of the zebra and the graceful gait of the giraffe, while you will be astounded by the brute power of the buffalo and the regal beauty of the Cape Barbary lion!


Perched atop a safari vehicle or standing within the center of the game resserve on a  lookout point you may be lost in the awe-inspiring vastness which encircles the isolation of the Klein Karoo. Rangers add a great component of humour and storytelling to the safari with wildlife facts, anecdotes of the wildlife and above all, the dangers facing many species within Africa.



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