The African male lion has a full mane and he is truly the icon of the animal kingdom.



His great distinctive image has been represented on some of the oldest coins and work of arts as well as jewelry.

The big cats are the four animals of the genus panthera. These animals are the Lion, tiger, jaguar and the leopard. These big cats are extremely unique, not only by their size but their ability to roar.

The specialized Larynx and a unique section of the throat, which is called hyoid apparatus, allows the production of a true, deep and loud roar to erupt.

While the cougar and cheetah are also fairly big, their larynx will create a mixture of hiss and snarl without any bass or the sound of a roar.

Other differences in the genus pathera, will appear in their looks such as the skull and eye socket structure, it will also be seen by their life cycle and reproductive system.

Humans are awestruck of the big cat for various reasons.

Below we have listed a few interesting African lion’s facts.

  • Lions are able to consume up to forty pounds of meat in one day.
  • The African lion is able to sleep or doze off for about twenty hours a day.
  • The big cats or big felines are the tiger, leopard, lion and jaguar. They are only four members of the Genus Panthera.
  • These are the only cats that are able to Roar.
  • These Big cats are able to roar, due to their specifically designed larynx, which is a section of the throat.
  • The African Lion has the longest and strongest larynx which allows these animals to roar the loudest.

What are your favorite features of these big cats? Visit your nearest game reserve and let us know! 

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