The life of a male Lion is tough!lions

It’s often said that the females within the pride, does all the work. However, the life of a male could be more challenging and harder.

When a male lion is a young adult, they are pushed out of the pride by the current leader or dominant male in the pride. They might spend years all alone or within small bachelor groups which is called rouges. This group is often made up of brothers.

As these lions grow up, they prepare themselves to battle and go back to the pride and take the lead of the dominant male, sometimes the battles are fatal.

lions02When they become dominant these lions will then mate with the lioness in the pride, when they come into season. As they wait, they will doze off in the sun or relax in the shade for up to twenty hours a day, waiting for the female to catch their next meal.

These lions will battle any other male lion that wants to try and take over their dominant role. Eventually they will lose the battle and after only a few months or even years and sometimes it could even be losing to their own sons.

When Banished, these lions will spend their rest of their lives outside the pride.

Dangerous, yet lonely life for those lions banished from a pride. This is the life of the Kings of the Jungle!

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