The Big Five, the sunny coastal areas, Table Mountain, the friendly city and Safari destinations, makes Cape Town, South Africa, the place to be.  Here are a list of  reasons why you should select South Africa as your next vgetway  destination:


The Big 5 and other wildlife: nowhere else in the world would you see all these wildlife in one place: African leopard, African lion, Cape buffalo, and White and Black rhinoceros and African elephant all socializing in one biome like you do in South Africa. Its the homeland of these wondrous wildlife, but its also a crucial time for the animals  time is not after because creatures like the rhino are endangered because of poachers and big cats like lions are used for canned hunting!

Big Five

The weather and outdoor activities: In Africa especially South Africa, the weather is consistent. Sure, there are interesting things to do in winter and in summmer : surf safari, wildlife adventure safari, mountain climbing, paragliding and a lot more. After seeing what the african safari has to offer you, you will love all the other activities and scenery it has to offer.


The friendly cities: South Africa is really a mixed stew of different cultures from all around the globe. This means that there are  various cultures and food for tourists to explore.

There are so much to do and to be discovered in South Africa.

What will your holiday getway look like? What Big five animal are you keen on seeing on your safari adventure?


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